Important legal documents that home buyers should be aware of before buying a property

Owning a home is one of the greatest dreams for an average Indian. A lot of planning and saving go into each home buying process. However, it is not enough that you find a suitable property for a desirable rate at the most convenient location. Before you commit to the deal, it is important to make sure that the property conforms to the real estate rules and regulations prevalent in that region as well as the general property rules of the country. The legal aspect of the home buying process can be quite daunting for an inexperienced buyer. A number of documents and records need to be verified before the actual purchase of the property. While it is safer to get the help of a lawyer or an experienced real estate agent, buyers themselves can perform the inspections and verifications if they have a basic knowledge of the important legal documents in home buying. Here is a list compiled by the experts at menioning the crucial documents that a homebuyer needs to be aware of before buying a property.



  • Title Deed

This document tells you the flow of ownership of the property. Look for the original title document to ensure that the owner has the right to sell the property and transfer ownership. You cannot own the property you buy unless there is the title deed specifying the current owner and the previous owners, if any, in a continuous and unbroken sequence. If the original title deed is not available, get certified copies from authorised institutions. Sometimes, the title deed may be deposited with banks or other financial organisations for obtaining loans. This has to be verified before purchase.

  • Approval plan of the building

The building plan has to be approved by the authority concerned in each region or zone. For example, property buyers in Chennai need to verify if the building plan is approved by the Greater Chennai Corporation and Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. Without this document, the building will be an illegal structure and lead to complications such as demolition.

  • Commencement certificate

Local authorities issue this certificate after inspecting the site and verifying that the project conforms to the real estate rules and regulations.

  • Power of attorney

If someone else is selling the property on the owner’s behalf, check for the Power of Attorney document that empowers the person to perform the transaction.

  • Tax receipts

All the latest original tax receipts must be verified before purchase. Also check the latest electricity and water bills to ensure that the current owner is up to date on all payments.

Home buyers can also verify documents like completion certificate, occupancy certificate, encumbrance certificate, betterment charges, etc.

A look at property market in Delhi

Are you planning to buy a property in Delhi? Before the decision-making process let’s check out some important tips at the time of buying properties in Delhi.

Area of the Flat:  You should check the area of the flat very carefully. It is called covered area. In Delhi, promoters are paid only for the covered areas, not for the super built up areas of the flat. But other than the covered areas there are few more factors are also involved. Depending upon all these factors builder will fix the amount to be paid by the buyers.


Preference regarding floor: At the time of buying flat you should be very careful regarding the floor offered by the builder and floor preferred by you. Most of the people though prefer first or second floor most of the time.

Preferable location: This is a very vital point while selecting the flat.  Flat facing road, flat facing mall charged always high price but flats in a bit interior area or the bit away from the malls and the marketplaces can cost less in amount.

Affordability: Another important point is affordability off the buyer. The price of the flats depends on many things like locality, amenities etc. So completely depending on affordability limit one can select the best one to buy.

There are many other factors one should check before buying like nearest school, nearest hospital, nearest market and also transportation factors.

Other than these factors some precaution should be also taken at the time of buying decision. These are:

Property title: Do check the entire document regarding property and property title. Go for an inspection process regarding the original titles of the deed. Do search the land records and the records of the sub-register. Search all the papers of the society where the society is enlisted.

Inspection of the sanctioned plan: All the sanctioned plan of the builder should be certified by the authority, especially for those building under constructions.  Not only that, a buyer should collect the completion certificate of the building.

Power of Attorney: The power of attorney should be strictly scrutinized by the buyer. Sometimes the owner gives the power of attorney to the other person for any kind of decision making. The relationship between the owner and the power of attorney holder should be checked properly to avoid any kind of future harassment. All these above-mentioned steps should be followed carefully to have a safe and secure property purchase.


Rental flats management service in Gurgaon

Rental property management is a thriving business in India. There are a number of property owners who rent out their properties while they live in some other city or country. They need someone to take care of their properties as well as manage the renting process. Rental property management services offer a wide range of services to these property owners. Some of the services they provide include finding tenants, showing the property to customers, completing paperwork, collecting rents, monitoring of property, housekeeping, managing repair, and maintenance, dealing with residential associations or societies, etc.


Gurgaon is a popular residential city where a number of housing options are available for rent. Property owners who have houses or flats for rent in Gurgaon can get the services of a number of top-class rental property management companies operating in the city say the experts at

Prop deal

A leading property management company that provides services like advertising the property, background verification and rent agreement, house key management, rent collection, bill payment, and regular property inspection. Maintenance services include fixing plumbing, electricity, painting, gardening, house cleaning, and woodwork related problems. They showcase the rental properties to prospective customers by uploading professionally shot photos in property portals or sent as luxury mailers.

Blue Leaf

Offering comprehensive rental management services, this company helps the owners in finding the right tenants and managing the complete rental cycle. From supervising repairs, maintenance, and cleaning works to representing the owner for all property relates matters like property inspection and tenant issues, the company acts as a single-point-of-contact property manager.

Prop Manage

The company assists in tenant placement and related rental services. They maintain vacant properties and undertake innovatively and cost saving renovation work. The rental management package includes background verification, finalization of rent agreement, on-call repair and maintenance services, resolving issues between owner and tenant, and inventory checks during move in and moves out.

Per Square Feet

A committed team of residential property management services offers professional assistance in rental property management. They help in finding the tenant, manage legal issues, arrange for safety certificates, take up routine repair and maintenance, and attend to emergency situations any time of the day. Even when the property remains vacant, they oversee refurbishments and general management issues.

Renting Mantra

The company provides high-class rental management services that include customary property inspections, round the clock maintenance and emergency repairs, screening of tenants, effective marketing of rental properties, and maintenance of tenant security deposits and documents.

Let’s Start to Plan Home Buying Strategy

Buying a home is a major decision that needs proper planning and execution. For a first time buyer, the process may look immense and complicated. However, if you have your priorities and plans in place, buying a house can be a cakewalk. Developing a strategy for buying a house is a stage by stage process. Though we can compartmentalize each phase of the purchase planning, these stages are in fact mutually inclusive. Let us examine how to go about planning for your home buying, taking tips from the experts at Sulekha Properties.

Budget considerations and sources of finance

One of the first things that a home buyer needs to decide is how much they can spend on a home. This will be the foundation on which all other stages of the purchase planning will rest. When you consider the budget, it should include all costs and prices related to buying a home like down payment, taxes, service charges, etc. It should also include any repairs or renovations that may be required for an older property.

Once the prospective buyer has set a goal in terms of the expenditure, the next step is to plan the sources of finance. Home loans, savings, and other sources that can provide funds for purchase must be clearly marked with the percentage of contribution from each source. Another aspect of planning the financial side of the purchase is the time period taken to arrange the funds. For some buyers, it may take years to save a considerable amount every month to buy a house. Have clear targets in terms of monthly or annual savings.


Type of house and facilities

Your budget will decide what type of residential property you can have. Likewise, the house you choose or want can influence your budget plans. Whichever way it works, make sure that you are choosing a house that meets your requirements and expectations.


When you consider the location where you want to buy a property, do not stick to any particular place. For example, you may be looking for house for sale in Coimbatore. If you cannot find any suitable property, do not just end the search there. It is possible that there are many other properties in the nearby areas that meet your needs. Always be open to search in areas beyond your first choice.

How to go about

You may want to have a clear planning about how to start the actual process of buying. If you are confident enough about your understanding of the real estate market or the purchase procedures, you can start on your own. Otherwise, consider the services of a real estate agent who can chart a better plan for you right from the start.

Which locality is better to buy a flat in Bangalore?

Many people migrating to Bangalore from other cities and states for better career perspective and education. Bangalore, the IT capital of India, promises far more than you imagine. The maritime climate, great career opportunities, education and schooling facilities, are just a few to mention. For the same reason, the real estate market of Bangalore is soaring high.


There are many choices for calm residential areas in Bangalore. Sarjapur is one such place. It is the heart of Bangalore, the hub of IT companies and a highly booming place. Due to the wide population and increasing demands of the people, many sky-scrappers have also come up in this area. Vicinity of Ring Road connects Sarjapur Road to Whitefield and other posh areas like Koramangla. Popular residential complexes, apartments and buildings have made Sarjapur a much preferred residential area in Bangalore city.

Are you looking for a flat or house?

Are you looking for a house or a residential apartment to start your dream life? There are many choices of both individual houses and flats in Sarjapur road.  You can contact a reliable property agent who can show you the flats within affordable rentals or with best buying rates. Online real estate marketplaces like are also the best bet for your property hunt.

Sarjapur Road now houses several popular residential localities like RBD Layout, Springfields, Greenwood Regency, Purva Sunshine etc. The place also boasts of several international schools like Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Indus International School, etc Since Sarjapur road is quite an old place in Bangalore, the rates of apartments and the rentals of the flats are within affordable range.

Sarjapur road is one of the best places for real estate investors today. There is a wide range of common apartments as well as luxurious featured projects to choose from. The price range of this 2BHK apartments starts somewhere from 50 lakhs and it can cross 1.5 crores as well depending on the location, square feet area, interior decoration, basic amenities and other additional facilities. The prices of these apartments are, however, very competitive. The booming IT industries are one of the main reasons there is a high demand for 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore.

Decide your budget, prerequisites and set out to find your dream house in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Choose your own property in Hyderabad

For a number of city dwellers, being the owner of a home remains a remote dream. Exorbitant property prices force them to reside in rented houses as an alternative. But now numerous happenings and developments have been taking shape, which could in a little while turn their dream into certainty.

The government’s demonetization move had a cooling impact on some pockets of the property market in India. The experts in the industry predicted that the housing market would go through a lull during the next few months when the recent developments would take their toll. Homebuyers will find property prices coming down and this will offer them an opportunity to make their move say experts at


Cities that boast a stable economy, as well as multiple opportunities for employment, will be the top options for homebuyers in the reasonably priced segment. Cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad are expected to see constant demand for reasonably priced housing projects at some point.

The office market of Hyderabad has been in transition and the owners of properties forcefully augmented rents because the availability of office space reduced with the enormous growth of IT occupiers. Demand should be complemented by supply in the short term.

For homebuyers, this might be a good opportunity to find a deal, particularly ready to move-in projects, since property prices are expected to experience a sliding pressure and some sellers might show extra willingness to negotiate and reduce the property prices. As a result owning properties in Hyderabad will be far more trouble free.

Demonetization may really be a boon for the buyers who have been searching for luxury or high-end properties. This segment will be highly impacted in terms of pricing. In the segment of luxury housing, normally the cash component is very large as a number of buyers press for using cash. But due to the government crackdown, this segment will witness a dip in sales, heading to cuts in price.

Earlier, developers were more interested in providing solutions in the premium segments as they were hopeful of high demand in this space. But now there has been an obvious change in demand from large ticket purchases, typically conducted by investors, to purchases done by end-users who at present comprise about 90% of would-be homebuyers. Therefore, builders are more and more moving their concentration to the segment of the affordable housing. Prices have come down in the majority of the cities and developers have brought in incentives and schemes making deals more rewarding.

Owning an apartment in Whitefield for future

If you are wondering whether it will be good to own an apartment in Whitefield for future and whether the return will be good if you want to the sell the property in future, go on reading the following. The growth of the city of Bangalore has been connected to the growth of IT (Information Technology) and the IT enabled services industry in Bangalore. The major parts of the city’s suburbs have been influenced by the IT sector growth and Whitefield, situated in Eastern Bangalore, has transformed radically.

In Bangalore one of the initial settlements was Whitefield, the history of which reverts to the late 1800s when the Anglo Indian and Eurasian community established it as a settlement. Whitefield went on to be charming old world until the late 1990s when the IT sector boom converted this region into one of the most preferred suburbs of Bangalore.


Investing in real estate in Whitefield is an excellent decision to make as it is one of the areas that have witnessed extremely strong demand for the last 15 years. Purchasing apartments in Whitefield is a brilliant idea too, as in this region an apartment can easily be rented out. Actually this neighborhood is best preferred for rentals by expats chiefly because it is nearer to the most important IT hubs.

The locality of Whitefield is very cosmopolitan and has numerous choices for shopping, for eating out, and for nightlife, says property sites like There are many good schools in the vicinity and also several hospitals are being established here. A great number of big format retail outlets in the zone is another good thing about Whitefield. Besides, you can’t miss Brookefield, a high street, largely because a lot of national and international restaurants are situated there.

Whitefield has seen an infrastructure development post 2002. Two foremost 4-lane roads linking Whitefield with Bangalore have turned up. Moreover, the railway station of Whitefield is also nearby and the connectivity by bus is also superb in this section of the city. In Whitefield region, 3 huge malls have been set up together with several 5 star hotels.

The current capital values in this neighborhood vary from Rs. 3,800-4,500 per sq ft. Whitefield capital values have gone up by 32% year-on-year. In future, Whitefield will be covered by the metro project Phase 2 stage, and this will certainly move up capital values further.

Whitefield has attracted a number of investors and builders on account of the existence of good connectivity and IT parks. The region is developing at an enormous rate. A lot of dazzling and luxurious projects have been constructed here and many more to turn up. Here all the projects are vast and fascinating. Hence, observing the demand, development and rising property rates, it can be concluded that you will get huge returns in future.