Owning an apartment in Whitefield for future

If you are wondering whether it will be good to own an apartment in Whitefield for future and whether the return will be good if you want to the sell the property in future, go on reading the following. The growth of the city of Bangalore has been connected to the growth of IT (Information Technology) and the IT enabled services industry in Bangalore. The major parts of the city’s suburbs have been influenced by the IT sector growth and Whitefield, situated in Eastern Bangalore, has transformed radically.

In Bangalore one of the initial settlements was Whitefield, the history of which reverts to the late 1800s when the Anglo Indian and Eurasian community established it as a settlement. Whitefield went on to be charming old world until the late 1990s when the IT sector boom converted this region into one of the most preferred suburbs of Bangalore.


Investing in real estate in Whitefield is an excellent decision to make as it is one of the areas that have witnessed extremely strong demand for the last 15 years. Purchasing apartments in Whitefield is a brilliant idea too, as in this region an apartment can easily be rented out. Actually this neighborhood is best preferred for rentals by expats chiefly because it is nearer to the most important IT hubs.

The locality of Whitefield is very cosmopolitan and has numerous choices for shopping, for eating out, and for nightlife, says property sites like property.sulekha.com. There are many good schools in the vicinity and also several hospitals are being established here. A great number of big format retail outlets in the zone is another good thing about Whitefield. Besides, you can’t miss Brookefield, a high street, largely because a lot of national and international restaurants are situated there.

Whitefield has seen an infrastructure development post 2002. Two foremost 4-lane roads linking Whitefield with Bangalore have turned up. Moreover, the railway station of Whitefield is also nearby and the connectivity by bus is also superb in this section of the city. In Whitefield region, 3 huge malls have been set up together with several 5 star hotels.

The current capital values in this neighborhood vary from Rs. 3,800-4,500 per sq ft. Whitefield capital values have gone up by 32% year-on-year. In future, Whitefield will be covered by the metro project Phase 2 stage, and this will certainly move up capital values further.

Whitefield has attracted a number of investors and builders on account of the existence of good connectivity and IT parks. The region is developing at an enormous rate. A lot of dazzling and luxurious projects have been constructed here and many more to turn up. Here all the projects are vast and fascinating. Hence, observing the demand, development and rising property rates, it can be concluded that you will get huge returns in future.

Property Options in Dwarka for Buyers and Investors

Looking for property investment in Dwarka is one of the best decisions you can make as an investor looking at options in Delhi NCR. While Delhi NCR has a striving real estate market with options galore from Noida to Faridabad and Gurgaon to Sonepat, Dwarka wins hands down when it comes to location owing to the central location in the heart of the city. On the downside however Dwarka property prices have already escalated to higher levels so it may not be a good investment options for budgeted investors.

Real estate trends at portals like Sulekha Properties and many others reveal that even with slightly higher prices compared to other regions in Delhi NC, Dwarka remains a top ranked investment destination for both buyers looking at options for self use and investors alike. The large number of new and resale options along with close access to all parts of Delhi NCR make Dwarka a front ranked destination in the real estate landscape in the city.


Affordable housing projects: As a new trend there are many builders and developers focusing exclusively on affordable housing projects in the area. This is a golden opportunity for people with limited budget to get a flat in Dwarka, something which was not possible earlier owing to increase in average prices of property.

High end luxury housing: If you are looking for high end luxury housing Dwarka has options for you. From high end villas to penthouses and other exotic homes Dwarka has many options for high end luxury buyers. Builders and developers who are reputed in the world of luxury housing have active projects in Dwarka making it easy for buyers to pick and choose the best project as per their needs and budget.

Availability of both Plots and flats: While it may not be possible to get plots or independent houses at cost effective rates in Delhi anymore Dwarka is a slightly different. One can get options for flats, high rise apartments, plots and independent housing making it an all round area offering a real estate solution for all the needs of various buyers and investors alike.

Good Rental upside: Dwarka has good rental upside which makes it a preferred destination for many investors. Dwarka rental prices are increasing but still remain much more economical than most other parts of Delhi NCR which makes it attractive for tenets as well. This high upside in rentals makes the area an apt investment destination when it comes to residential housing projects.


Real estate getting slow down in Gurgaon

The real estate market across all over the country is facing downturn in recent times. The condition is same in all big and small cities. The situation in Gurgaon is also not so good. The weak economy has affected the demands of the residential units. Gurgaon has been an investor’s market for the past years but recently the scenario has changed. The slowdown of both Indian and international economy has turned it into the buyers’ market. However, this is the opportunity for the buyers who want to have a good flat in affordable price range.

In recent times the new investors are also staying away from the market. The current view of real estate in Gurgaon is favourable for the buyers rather than investors. In this state, buyers can also bargain to get more attractive discounts. So, if you are among the buyers then do not miss the opportunity or even hesitate to buy a residential property and if you are an investor then you must know the slowdown will not remain constant. Besides, it can be the best time to invest, as the market is expected to rise steadily from the end of the year.


The approximate value of reduction due to the slowdown is estimated to be 28% as compared to the last year. This drastic slowdown has compelled the investors to release their holdings to the others with discounts. The reason behind the slowdown is believed to be caused due to weak economy and inflationary pressure. There is also another issue behind the slow down and that is the large number of projects which are launched in the recent times and which is diluting the heavy demands in the field of real estate. Besides, many experts predict that much people are interested in luxurious housing rather than a simple flat and hence luxury is getting more attention and most of the real estate giants are launching luxury projects only.

The odd thing is the demand and supply of such luxurious projects is not well balanced, it is seems to have high demand and low supply, says experts at property.sulekha.com. That is attracting the builders to go for such projects which lead to the downturn situation. The underlying thing is people want luxurious flats due to the property requirements as well as the changing lifestyles of the current generation of India.

Buying an exclusive flat- Know the importance of transportation proximity

Buying a flat exclusively as one’s own home is a dream come true experience for all of us. Owing to the growing demand for new accommodations with rising economy and migration to new places for work and studies, the real estate market is a rage today. More and more new projects are coming up in every town and city, with world-class amenities at best rates, guaranteeing an amazing lifestyle.

1 bhk flat for sale in bangalore

Getting an exclusive flat nowadays is not a difficult task. Owing to numerous projects headed by top class builders, getting an appealing flat within the budget is easy. However, what is more crucial nowadays than the flat and its amenities, is the surroundings of the flat. And when it’s about surroundings, then the most important aspect is the transportation proximity from your dream flat. You can easily ay hands on an exclusive 1BHK flat for sale in Bangalore but make sure you take its vicinity under consideration, primarily the proximity of transportation.

You must be wondering what is so important about transports being close to the flat, isn’t it? Well, the following points from real estate portal shall outline the importance of transportation proximity from the new flat you desire to buy:

  • Save time: Time has become as precious today as the natural resources. And saving time is extremely crucial in today’s fast moving world. Thus, if you have your bus stand or railway station in close proximity to your flat, you can spend less time in travel and reach your workplace and back home faster, as you need not spend much time travelling to the bus stand or station. Also, if your flat is on, or very close to the main road, you can access transportation easily, compared to flat away from the main road of connectivity.
  • Save fuel: If getting proper transportation is a difficult task, you will tend to take your car out on the road to your destination, causing consumption of fuel. Transportation proximity will cut down on your frequent usage of your car or two-wheeler.
  • Save money: Say, you dwell in a flat quite far from the railway station or the bus stand. Once you get off your bus or train, you need to hire another mode of transportation, say a rickshaw or a shuttle taxi to reach home, causing further expenditure. A flat close to the bus stand or station will save this expenditure.
  • Prevent physical labour: Why spend more time travelling from the bus stand or railway station to your flat, exerting more labour and making yourself more tired? Thus, buy your new flat keeping in mind the transport proximity, and cause less physical labour.

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