Tips for all Single BHK Rental Property Hunters in Bangalore

1 bhk in bangalore for rent

Being single and hunting for a rental property in Bangalore could take you weeks if not months. There are many hurdles that can befall a single individual looking for an affordable housing option in the best societies in Bangalore and neighborhoods. Most housing societies prefer to accommodate only families and for the same reason, bachelors are finding it difficult to get proper rented properties at good societies. Single woman are also finding it difficult to find safe rented properties in cities. These are becoming a great concern for bachelors and youngsters who are in new cities for work reasons.

Use the undisputable tips to bag a good 1 BHK residential property in Bangalore for rent.

  • Look for unsold units

Builders push their unsold 1 BHK flats to single individuals in Bangalore looking for immediate possession. This is a great option if you enter into a Registered Agreement for rent with the builder directly. You can live as long as the unit remains unsold.

  • Opt for stand-along buildings

Instead of packing your dreams of living in a township, look for single stand-alone buildings in the inner pockets of Bangalore. A little field work on the weekend will be useful. They may not have gated security or a lift, but as single individual, you can at least have a respectable shelterat promisingly lower rates.

  • Get references from friends and family

It is obvious that references work heavily in favor of the tenants looking for a new 1 bhk flat for rent in Bangalore. For someone who knows the city well, use their information to a good effect. From negotiation on the rent and deposit, to agreeing on a particular date of possession, the friends in the cityare a useful resource.

  • Get verified by the police

If you have been living in the city for sometime now, it is imperative to suggest that you get verified as a resident of the city from the police. If you are working professional, avail the bona fide certificate from your employer. You will no longer be considered as a single individual.

These tips are from the property experts at, India’s largest online real estate marketplace. Searching online for properties for rent is a great option with several flexible options towards single tenants. You can do your search from anywhere in India, before moving out to a new city.

Pg accommodation are also available for bachelors.


Paying Guest accommodation in the IT hotspot of India

Bangalore is the largest IT city in India, not just in terms of revenue but also in terms of number of professionals working in the city. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore in the past decade has witnessed a new breed of highly paid young working professionals who had relocated to the city for job purpose. The city also attracts a lot of students who come there to pursue higher education in the city’s reputed education institutes. Most professionals and students coming to Bangalore are looking for temporary residential options from rental and paying Guest segments.

apartments for rent in bangalore

Nagawara is one of the prime locations in Bangalore that attract a lot of young professionals for paying guest options in accommodation. Here are 5 advantages that IT freshers hunting Paying guest in Nagawara and its neighbourhood areas can enjoy, according to real estate portals.

  1. Locality and facilities

As a professional, you may not be contended with your stay in rent sharing apartment in Bangalore. Choose PG accommodations in Bangalore in best localities that are available with modern amenities, close to best infrastructure facilities in the city.

  1. Fully furnished space with housekeeping services

PG in Nagawara and other best localities in Bangalore offer extensive services included in the rent. Fully furnished homes with appliances and furniture managed by regular housekeeping service make living for IT professionals all the more comfortable.

  1. Food availability

Food is the biggest challenge for working professionals. IT professionals in PG house have better time with timely food and refreshments. The cooks and maids find it easier to cater to PG tenants owing to landlord’s presence in the house.

  1. Home security

PG sharing is more secure than living in a dorm or in shared rental accommodations in flats. The fact that you can share the space with your landlord and other tenants makes the area all the more secure.

Moreover, your house is never empty, even on weekends. IT freshers hunting for PG accommodation find this aspect most alluring in their first few months of stay in Bangalore.

  1. Zero conflicts

In PG accommodations, tenants have lesser events of altercations and conflicts. The landlord is available to resolve any issue for a harmonious stay.

Hence, fresher IT professionals prefer to stay as paying guest accommodation in Nagawara, HBR Layout and RT Nagar.

A Guide To Rent Your First Apartment in Bangalore

One of the first things you have to do when you head out on your own is find an apartment for rent. In a city like Bangalore, every locality has number of houses in every price range to the renter’s relief. With increase in the number of IT/ITes companies, the city has become home for thousands who come there for employment.

Finding an apartment in the city by itself can be a rough experience. Moreover, if you are new to the city, you might feel clueless about the house hunting process. So, here are the steps a first time renter should follow:

flats for rent in bangalore

  • How much can you afford

Experts recommend individuals to spend only around 25-30% of their after-tax income on rent. Does this seem plausible to you? You have to keep in the mind the potential extras that will come by after you move in and then evaluate where you stand.

  • Create criteria for your apartment

Obviously, you would have envisioned your house to be a particular way. So depending on that make a list of facilities you would want in the house. But when you do so, be realistic. Your budget must correspond with this list. Start with the necessities and then move on to what you would want or like to have.

  • Select a locality

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and Bangalore Metro are the public transport facilities available in the city. Make sure you select an area from which you can easily commute to your workplace or college. Since you are new to Bangalore, you probably want to select a friendly locality. Go and visit some of the shortlisted areas. This will majorly help you narrow down and decide on one.

  • Look for property

Now that you have fixed a budget and selected a locality, you will feel less clueless. You are just three steps away from a peaceful night’s sleep in your first apartment. The internet has made things so much easier for us and details about various properties in your price range and desired locality will be placed in front of you. All you have to do is look up reputed property listing websites such as, magicbricks, 99acres. Look for affordable flats for rent in Bangalore.

  • Go visit the potentials

Visit every property that interests you. Go during the day because the natural lighting will clearly point out all the defaults. Take pictures of the house. This might seem insignificant but it will come in very handy when you want to decide on the one.

  • Talk to the landlord and get paperwork done

At this point you have a clear about the house you are going to rent. Talk to the landlord and clear all your doubts. Make sure all the maintenance clauses, minimum period of tenancy, start and end date of tenancy, rental amount and its payment frequency are included in the lease agreement. Don’t take any oral promises, get everything in writing.