Paying Guest accommodation in the IT hotspot of India

Bangalore is the largest IT city in India, not just in terms of revenue but also in terms of number of professionals working in the city. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore in the past decade has witnessed a new breed of highly paid young working professionals who had relocated to the city for job purpose. The city also attracts a lot of students who come there to pursue higher education in the city’s reputed education institutes. Most professionals and students coming to Bangalore are looking for temporary residential options from rental and paying Guest segments.

apartments for rent in bangalore

Nagawara is one of the prime locations in Bangalore that attract a lot of young professionals for paying guest options in accommodation. Here are 5 advantages that IT freshers hunting Paying guest in Nagawara and its neighbourhood areas can enjoy, according to real estate portals.

  1. Locality and facilities

As a professional, you may not be contended with your stay in rent sharing apartment in Bangalore. Choose PG accommodations in Bangalore in best localities that are available with modern amenities, close to best infrastructure facilities in the city.

  1. Fully furnished space with housekeeping services

PG in Nagawara and other best localities in Bangalore offer extensive services included in the rent. Fully furnished homes with appliances and furniture managed by regular housekeeping service make living for IT professionals all the more comfortable.

  1. Food availability

Food is the biggest challenge for working professionals. IT professionals in PG house have better time with timely food and refreshments. The cooks and maids find it easier to cater to PG tenants owing to landlord’s presence in the house.

  1. Home security

PG sharing is more secure than living in a dorm or in shared rental accommodations in flats. The fact that you can share the space with your landlord and other tenants makes the area all the more secure.

Moreover, your house is never empty, even on weekends. IT freshers hunting for PG accommodation find this aspect most alluring in their first few months of stay in Bangalore.

  1. Zero conflicts

In PG accommodations, tenants have lesser events of altercations and conflicts. The landlord is available to resolve any issue for a harmonious stay.

Hence, fresher IT professionals prefer to stay as paying guest accommodation in Nagawara, HBR Layout and RT Nagar.

To Buy Or Not To Buy an Apartment in Bangalore

Should you buy an apartment in Bangalore or should you rent one?

The age old question when it comes to choosing property is whether to rent property or to buy it. The answer is certainly not universal as it varies from situation to situation. In cities like Bangalore, there are plenty of options for both renting and buying. Renting an apartment in Bangalore is a great idea for students and young professionals since the rates in the localities they frequent are not too high.

Bangalore is a renter’s heaven as it has numerous properties for rent at affordable prices. The city is known for its high-rise apartments with numerous low-priced flats. These flats are easy on the pockets and they make life a lot easier as they come with a lot of facilities.

apartments for rent in bangalore

However, if you are looking to settle down in the city, then buying a flat is a good idea especially since there are plenty of good localities in Bangalore with affordable apartments. These apartments come with a range of facilities which will provide you a lifetime of convenience. The facilities include round-the-clock security, gyms, shops and some apartments even have crèches! There is no shortage of luxury in most new apartments in the city as they come with swimming pools and manicured lawns.

Living in Bangalore is a great idea, whether you want to rent or buy a property. As mentioned earlier, the toss-up between buying and renting property can only be settled after weighing your options. Property websites have a ‘Rent vs. Buy Calculator’ which help you determine whether you are better suited for renting a property or buying one. Once you calculate your perfect option, search for your ideal property on the site to begin a beautiful life in beautiful garden city of Bangalore.