Are ready to occupy flats a good choice?

The choice between ready to move in flats or under-construction properties needs to be thought through. If you find a good property in a location of your choice, it is likely you bypass ready-to-move in property. But, considering the present situation of delays in property possession, it is not always wise to invest in an under-construction property.

There has been a steady rise in demand for ready to move flats in Kengeri and other areas of Bangalore like Whitefield. While both locations are a contrast; Kengeri is a suburb location of Bangalore with a laid-back environment of coconut trees surrounding the area and Whitefield, a very famous, upcoming yet developed area of the city. This rise in demand shows an interesting trend in the realty sector.


There are many reasons for home seekers to invest in a ready to occupy flats in Kengeri for example.

  1. Ready to occupy flats indicate a positive trend of reality investment in the said locality. It means that people are staying there and the occupancy is good. Property buying has reached to the next level if a realtor is offering ready to move in flats. The buyer also has an advantage of sourcing information through recommendations and word of mouth publicity.
  2. Another major reason is the convenience of moving into a fully constructed flat. It means the basic amenities are in place. It also means that the area and your neigbourhood is completely developed. There will be schools, hospitals, commuting options in the vicinity. In other words, you are paying extra-money (if at all) for instant comfort of shifting to a new home.
  3. When you are investing in a ready to occupy flat, it is obvious you are not making any compromise like staying in the best locality, having recreational facilities which you desire, or checking on security. So, thus the benefit of buying a home close to your office is your prime option too. The sooner you shift close to the office, the luckier you are.
  4. Ready to move in flats are mostly ready for possession too. It means you don’t have to wait for long to switch to your desired location. It is hassle-free in comparison to investment in under-construction project. Even the reputation of the builder cannot get a possession in time, if it is not meant to happen.
  5. When you are investing in a ready-to-move property, you know the house structure exactly. In other words, it is evident to you what you are buying. You can buy an appropriate size flat depending upon your personal requirement. It saves you a lot of time in searching for a property.

While all this means a positive feedback for ready to occupy flats, one important thing is to do a ground check on the facts. It is advisable to seek recommendations, and also, check on the construction quality of your home. You should not get anything less than what you asked for, especially when huge money is involved.

Buying an exclusive flat- Know the importance of transportation proximity

Buying a flat exclusively as one’s own home is a dream come true experience for all of us. Owing to the growing demand for new accommodations with rising economy and migration to new places for work and studies, the real estate market is a rage today. More and more new projects are coming up in every town and city, with world-class amenities at best rates, guaranteeing an amazing lifestyle.

1 bhk flat for sale in bangalore

Getting an exclusive flat nowadays is not a difficult task. Owing to numerous projects headed by top class builders, getting an appealing flat within the budget is easy. However, what is more crucial nowadays than the flat and its amenities, is the surroundings of the flat. And when it’s about surroundings, then the most important aspect is the transportation proximity from your dream flat. You can easily ay hands on an exclusive 1BHK flat for sale in Bangalore but make sure you take its vicinity under consideration, primarily the proximity of transportation.

You must be wondering what is so important about transports being close to the flat, isn’t it? Well, the following points from real estate portal shall outline the importance of transportation proximity from the new flat you desire to buy:

  • Save time: Time has become as precious today as the natural resources. And saving time is extremely crucial in today’s fast moving world. Thus, if you have your bus stand or railway station in close proximity to your flat, you can spend less time in travel and reach your workplace and back home faster, as you need not spend much time travelling to the bus stand or station. Also, if your flat is on, or very close to the main road, you can access transportation easily, compared to flat away from the main road of connectivity.
  • Save fuel: If getting proper transportation is a difficult task, you will tend to take your car out on the road to your destination, causing consumption of fuel. Transportation proximity will cut down on your frequent usage of your car or two-wheeler.
  • Save money: Say, you dwell in a flat quite far from the railway station or the bus stand. Once you get off your bus or train, you need to hire another mode of transportation, say a rickshaw or a shuttle taxi to reach home, causing further expenditure. A flat close to the bus stand or station will save this expenditure.
  • Prevent physical labour: Why spend more time travelling from the bus stand or railway station to your flat, exerting more labour and making yourself more tired? Thus, buy your new flat keeping in mind the transport proximity, and cause less physical labour.

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