Why Chembur is one of Mumbai’s top investment spots?

If there’s one thing which is growing along with Mumbai’s real estate demand, then it’s the land starvation. Luckily, new transportation links are bringing to light some of the hidden areas, holding a greater scope for real estate, and Chembur is one such area. Better the transportation link, better the chances of big real estate attention, isn’t it? Chembur’s connectivity reached an all-time high following the arrival of Eastern Freeway in 2013 (connects the locale with CST and Navi Mumbai) and monorail in 2014. Moreover, the area offers easy accessibility to the Western Suburbs, South Central Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. The area has been in the news for its Connectivity without the metro train facility, and hence it’s only fair to expect the connectivity to elevate once the metro lines become operational.

Another fascinating aspect is the fact that the green resources of Chembur are preserved through the transition, unlike the bustling and crowded neighborhoods, such as Borivali, and Thane. The area is one of the greenest, if not the most greenest in Mumbai. With a neat mix of natural beauty and modern social amenities such as Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Restaurants, and Recreational Centers, the occupants of Chembur can find themselves both in peace and comfort. Chembur’s charm couldn’t be kept too long under the radar, as developers like Siddhitech Homes Pvt Ltd, Godrej Properties Pvt Ltd, Ekta World and much more have centered in the area in a bid to offer quality housing solutions. 1 and 2 BHK flats in Chembur are sought after widely by mid-budget homebuyers, says a recently conducted report. With plenty of investors noticing the area’s appeal and potential, the housing options with the locale is only going to get wider. Most importantly, realty builders in Chembur are catering not only to the wealthy minority, but also to mid-income buyers.

Given the area’s ever-growing connectivity, serenity, and urbanity investing in Chembur can just be your best financial move. Who would have ever thought the area’s price appreciation will stand at 125% in 2018, say 6-7 years back? But still, that’s how the real estate world operates, isn’t it? Park your money here in the form of flats, plots etc. and make the most out of the rapid transition which the area is subjected to.


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