Property preferences of Koramangala residents

A person with a restrained budget of about 50-55 lakhs wishes to invest in a property in the upscale locality of Koramangala in Bangalore- but thinks about the availability and property prospects. Well there is nothing to worry about. Even for a limited budgeted person can invest in a good location of Koramangala with the wide range of property preferences it offers. There are many 1BHK and 2BHK property units located in different pockets of Koramangala in Block 1 and Block 2. Even for the high priced property buyers, there are other blocks 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Koramangala where the property units are priced higher with more added facilities for the residents.

Construction Worker or Foreman at construction site

However, the 1BHK and 2BHk are almost next to finished because of their high demand in the market. There are several larger property units of 3BHK and 4BHK with a size of over 2000 square feet also available in the resale market. The 1BHK and 2BHK units available for property preferences are the ones that get sold like hot pancakes as the per square value of properties in Block 1 and 2 are lesser in comparison to the other blocks. The demand of properties is higher in Koramangala as it is a well-developed area with a handful of properties available in the market. Despite that, the ones available give a wide range of property preferences to the buyers like apartment, flats, row houses and exquisite villas located across the area.

The properties of Koramangala are easily accessible from different parts of the city. They are well connected to the main major roads like the Hosur Road and the Sarjapur Road. Also the bustling activity centres of Madivala and Ejipura and the Agara Village and Mandi markets are also located near to Koramangala which makes it a favourable hotspot of realtors. The property units constructed by the builders in Koramangala located across different blocks of Koramangala enjoy developed facilities and infrastructure. The residents enjoy a comfortable and social living with local markets, healthcare facilities, financial institutions located near the area. In the recent years, Koramangala has witnessed major IT centres established in the area giving good employment and career facilities to the people living here.

About the beautiful Koramangala area

Koramangala is popular for its effective connectivity and the well developed upper mid-segment residents. The important roads of Bangalore like the Sarjapur Road (which leads to the Outer Ring Road, the tech IT corridor and beyond) and the Intermediate Ring Road (that links the Airport Road effectively with Hosur Road and the Electronic City) passes through Koramangala locality. Owing to its closeness to the established IT hubs, the area witnesses a constant demand for housing units in the capital as well as in the rental market. The locality also has different software companies located nearby and is thus a renowned residential destination for the well settled IT and corporate experts. Due to the presence and proximity to the Namma Metro Station at Jayanagar at about 6 kms, the housing demand of Koramangala rises up to a great extent.


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