Five facts about Real Estate Investments in Metros

The real estate market in the metro cities of India is emerging as one of the most lucrative and profitable investment option. The transformation of developing cities to smart metro cities and megacities in few years have made the metro cities as most preferred locations for the real estate investment. There are several factors which contribute to the growth in real estate investments in the metros. Some of them include the following:

  • The prime most factor of good investment of real estate in metros is the presence of established and reputed multinational corporations. There are many leading companies like Genpact, HP, Nokia, Siemens and Accenture among others that have their branches and offices located in the metro cities. The policies of the liberal government and the dramatic growth of globalization in the economy has developed the metro cities and placed India as one of the key real investment destinations.
  • The second most important factor is the leap in development of infrastructure in metro cities. There communication and transportation facilities are developed as part of the smart city plans and also to enhance a better standard of living in the metros. As such, the real estate investment sector of the metros has also seen a significant growth over the last few years. The transport facilities and the ease of accessibility to metro cities have a profound impact on the real estate of the metro cities. Like in the tech city Bangalore, there are many projects in Bannerghatta Road which have good transportation facilities and the properties also have good amenities for a comfortable living.
  • The flourishing economy of the metros has opened up different opportunities for the realtors to explore their skills and invest money in state-of-the-art projects. This is another important factor for the growth of real estate investment. There has been a growth in development of residential projects, high defined commercial centres, exquisite malls and IT hubs in the metros. The good FDI funds and beneficial real estate mutual funds also further boosted the growth of real estate.
  • Demand of a luxurious property has also lead to more real estate investment in metros. With the standard of living of the people rising up and people looking for a comfortable and luxury standard of living, so the demand for housing units have grown and simultaneously the real estate projects in the metros. One can see innumerable projects providing luxurious bungalows and well facilitated plush apartments as well as condominiums being built in the metros and its suburbs to meet the demands. Also many people from across the country come to the metros for good career opportunities and educational facilities, which have led to a further increase in the demand. In the city of Bangalore itself there are new projects in Bannerghatta Road cropping up for the residents.
  • The property prices of the metro cities are escalating dramatically by leaps and bounds in the last few years. As such, the developers who understood this prospect of an attractive market for real estate investment are now gaining profits. Like in Bangalore, the developers are establishing attractive projects in sites in Bannerghatta Road to earn prospective customers.

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