A look at property market in Delhi

Are you planning to buy a property in Delhi? Before the decision-making process let’s check out some important tips at the time of buying properties in Delhi.

Area of the Flat:  You should check the area of the flat very carefully. It is called covered area. In Delhi, promoters are paid only for the covered areas, not for the super built up areas of the flat. But other than the covered areas there are few more factors are also involved. Depending upon all these factors builder will fix the amount to be paid by the buyers.


Preference regarding floor: At the time of buying flat you should be very careful regarding the floor offered by the builder and floor preferred by you. Most of the people though prefer first or second floor most of the time.

Preferable location: This is a very vital point while selecting the flat.  Flat facing road, flat facing mall charged always high price but flats in a bit interior area or the bit away from the malls and the marketplaces can cost less in amount.

Affordability: Another important point is affordability off the buyer. The price of the flats depends on many things like locality, amenities etc. So completely depending on affordability limit one can select the best one to buy.

There are many other factors one should check before buying like nearest school, nearest hospital, nearest market and also transportation factors.

Other than these factors some precaution should be also taken at the time of buying decision. These are:

Property title: Do check the entire document regarding property and property title. Go for an inspection process regarding the original titles of the deed. Do search the land records and the records of the sub-register. Search all the papers of the society where the society is enlisted.

Inspection of the sanctioned plan: All the sanctioned plan of the builder should be certified by the authority, especially for those building under constructions.  Not only that, a buyer should collect the completion certificate of the building.

Power of Attorney: The power of attorney should be strictly scrutinized by the buyer. Sometimes the owner gives the power of attorney to the other person for any kind of decision making. The relationship between the owner and the power of attorney holder should be checked properly to avoid any kind of future harassment. All these above-mentioned steps should be followed carefully to have a safe and secure property purchase.



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