Digitize Properties in Noida

When it comes to buying and selling properties in India one obstacle everyone faces is the redtapism in the corporation, village or taluk offices. The menace can be mind-numbing and there has always been a clamour for digitizing the properties so that the reptapism could be wiped out.

And the Noida authority has put the best foot forward in digitizing the properties in Noida. This was much-awaited and the general public has received the development with both hands. Now, there is no need to go before a government official and waste your time, just click and get things done.

What’s the status of the process?

The digitization of Noida properties, including commercial, institutional and industrial, is on and the process will be completed by June and to date 16,300 properties have been digitized.

The soft launch of the digitized properties has been carried out. The allottees can get a username and password, and avail the services and get all the relevant information relating to Noida properties from the site. As the portal could be accessed 24×7, the public could do business any time at their convenience.


What are the advantages?

The digitization can usher in transparency with minimum interface with the allottees, say experts at property.sulekha.com. With digitization, the allottees will be able to avail a number of services such as mutation, transfer of property, registration of property, completion certificates, payment of building tax, among others, without any hassles. All payments relating to properties could be made through the portal and the allottees can electronically communicate with the authorities concerned. For all the payments made, the allottees will get electronically generated receipts.

The website will also list land available for industrial and other purposes. In future the website would also feature Online Building Map Approval Process System. This system will expedite building plan compliance check in accordance with the prevailing laws in Noida.


This step by the Noida authorities will augur well for the future and should be replicated in others regions of the country. The positive side is that, as noted earlier, there is more transparency in the transactions and there is no need to grease the palm of the authorities concerned to get things done. Digitization of properties is the best way to eradicate corruption in property dealings.