Owning a Property is Security to your Future

Investment comes in various forms including investing in financial instruments, precious metals, land and property. Out of all the investment options real estate investment has been one of the most prized options for majority of investors. The fact that real estate brings a tangible investment, something which you can see in front of you at all times and holds a high liquidity options should you need money in a financial emergency makes it a much preferred choice.


Real estate trends at popular real estate market places and forums like property.sulekha.com show that many investors look at real estate as a hedge against financial investment. No matter how big their overall investment portfolio may be, every good investor likes to have some part of their overall investment in real estate.

Easy availability of loans: With a property you can always get loan against property should you need it in future. While other investment options like shares and mutual fund investments also offer loans for securities but the scribe needs to be in the approved list of the banks. With a property ownership the chances of getting a loan against property are much higher.

Good liquidity: Should you choose to liquidate your investments in real estate there is no minimum holding period and you can choose to get your property liquidated by putting it up for sale. Depending on the market conditions and your property it may take some time for the property to get a buyer but with a possible price escalation the wait is worth it financially.

Adequate rental options: With real estate investment you get an adequate rental option which means you can get a handsome monthly income without compromising on the long term investment benefits of the property invested.  Opting for furnished apartments or serviced apartments can mean an even higher rental yields which auger well for individuals seeking a good monthly income from their investment.

Good long term investment: Real estate is a good term investment option and that is one fo the core reasons why investors prefer real estate as their go to investment tool. The wide range of properties in all towns and cities makes it easy to pick a good option unlike stocks where the options are limited. Even in vibrant markets like Bangalore, there are enough properties available in Bangalore for everyone from buyers wanting to buy for self use and investors.

Property Options in Dwarka for Buyers and Investors

Looking for property investment in Dwarka is one of the best decisions you can make as an investor looking at options in Delhi NCR. While Delhi NCR has a striving real estate market with options galore from Noida to Faridabad and Gurgaon to Sonepat, Dwarka wins hands down when it comes to location owing to the central location in the heart of the city. On the downside however Dwarka property prices have already escalated to higher levels so it may not be a good investment options for budgeted investors.

Real estate trends at portals like Sulekha Properties and many others reveal that even with slightly higher prices compared to other regions in Delhi NC, Dwarka remains a top ranked investment destination for both buyers looking at options for self use and investors alike. The large number of new and resale options along with close access to all parts of Delhi NCR make Dwarka a front ranked destination in the real estate landscape in the city.


Affordable housing projects: As a new trend there are many builders and developers focusing exclusively on affordable housing projects in the area. This is a golden opportunity for people with limited budget to get a flat in Dwarka, something which was not possible earlier owing to increase in average prices of property.

High end luxury housing: If you are looking for high end luxury housing Dwarka has options for you. From high end villas to penthouses and other exotic homes Dwarka has many options for high end luxury buyers. Builders and developers who are reputed in the world of luxury housing have active projects in Dwarka making it easy for buyers to pick and choose the best project as per their needs and budget.

Availability of both Plots and flats: While it may not be possible to get plots or independent houses at cost effective rates in Delhi anymore Dwarka is a slightly different. One can get options for flats, high rise apartments, plots and independent housing making it an all round area offering a real estate solution for all the needs of various buyers and investors alike.

Good Rental upside: Dwarka has good rental upside which makes it a preferred destination for many investors. Dwarka rental prices are increasing but still remain much more economical than most other parts of Delhi NCR which makes it attractive for tenets as well. This high upside in rentals makes the area an apt investment destination when it comes to residential housing projects.


Emerging Affordable House Segment in Mumbai

Mumbai real estate prices have always been on the higher side. The lack of adequate land due to close proximity to the sea has meant Mumbai real estate developers had to go vertical instead of horizontal growth. With limited options for growth the property prices have witnessed a massive rise in the past. So much so that property prices remained high when the market was sluggish and buyers were hard to come by.


Thankfully with the emergence of the Mumbai MMR corridor the emergence of affordable housing in Mumbai has become easily available. Owning an individual house in Mumbai which was earlier a dream even for the super rich is now made possible thanks to new projects in the MMR region. The areas from Thane to Panvel and from Navi Mumbai to Khopoli have all witnessed a surge in real estate enquires. Mumbra and Kharghar have emerged as the two hotspots when it comes to affordable housing in the region. Property experts at property marketplaces like property.sulekha.com agree that Mumbai has now a strong market for affordable houses a segment which was almost non existence some years ago.

Looking to buy affordable homes in Mumbai like most others? Keep the following in mind to make sure you not only get a value for money deal but also make a good investment that holds good for the future.

Shortlist options wisely: There are many areas that offer affordable housing but each area has its own merits and demerits. Just choosing an area because of the pricing alone may not be a good decision so check on other essential aspects as ease of travelling to and fro and connectivity to all other cities and towns including Mumbai along with any security concerns.

Opt for community housing: Instead of seeking plot and then do construction opt for an affordable home in a community housing should be preferred. With such community housing the security is much more established while you do not hold the risk of getting clearances and NOCs for construction activity.

Focus on security: A lot of affordable homes especially plots which are available on a budget are located in the interiors with not much active population. While your affordable plot may be a part of a good community some years down the line when more people shift to the area, keep the security concerns in mind when making a purchase for such affordable houses especially in MMR region.