Requirements to buy a flat in Mumbai

Many new house buyers in Mumbai lose their sleep while chasing the authorities to sign their applications and provide them with respective documents. If you are looking to buy a flat in Mumbai, here is a checklist of documents you must have in your hands at the time of purchase.

  1. Sale Deed

Also called Title Deed, Conveyance Deed or Mother Deed, the Sale Deed is the most important document that establishes the buyer’s ownership of property from the seller. In Mumbai, it is mandatory to register the Sale Deed within 90 days from the date of execution of the agreement; otherwise, it is rendered invalid or attracts penalty in the form of late fee.

  1. Allotment Letter

If you are investing in a property in an under-constructed project, you must ask for the allotment letter. It is detailed letter that carries vital information regarding the flat, the payment schedule and the additional costs/ overheads in addition to the base price of the property.

If you are seeking finance on your investment, the allotment letter is processed by the bank accordingly. If you don’t get what has been promised on the allotment letter, you can sue the builder in the court of law and seek adequate compensation.


  1. Occupancy Certificate (OC)

When the project is complete, the builder has to necessarily produce the Occupancy/Khata certificate. The OC from the planning authority ensures that the building has been finished as per approved plans and safety standards. You can occupy the flat in Mumbai only if the OC is issued by the government as per law. Though OC is not required at the time of registration of the flat during purchase, you require it in the future, in case you intend to resale it.

As per the latest regulations, no owner can take possession of a flat in Mumbai with the OC.

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