Benefits of Buying a Recent Launch Row House

Quaint rows of homes, joined together for a wholesome neighbourhood – if that is your idea of good, clean and happy living, then a row house may be the ideal option for you. Space is a premium element in most urban quarters. Yet, if you have harboured the dream of living in a home without the high maintenance estates ruining your day and with proximity when it comes to neighbours, then the recent influx of row house properties will certainly be of interest to you. Recent launch of row houses for sale in Bangalore have revealed neatly lined up homes placed in townships that also boast of towers and various amenities. These row houses are a convenient and luxurious option with your own driveway and a patch of greenery as well. As per Sulekha Properties, the best time to invest in a row house is at the launch of a project. Here’s why!


–    Soft Launch: The soft launch of a property or township is one where the initial marketing happens when the property is in the planning phase. At this point, it is easy to get an early bird discount. At the very onset, the builders and developers will be happy to offer a discount of 10% to 15% for most buyers. This soft launch is usually used to generate a cash flow, which means that they will take on many bookings to generate the funds to develop the property and get all the necessary permits in place. Therefore, they will be keen to get those bookings by offering heavy discounts.

–    Rising Prices: Here, rising prices are a thing of the future, which makes the present look rosy. At this point, the price of the property may not have really gone up as it is yet to be developed. So it is a good idea to invest in it and watch as the prices soar later at the recent launch row houses for sale in Bangalore. Builders and developers do understand that the buyer and the builder are sharing the risk at this point, hence they do not really hike up the prices to begin with.

–    Loans: When you buy a property at launch, you will be paying the down payment and the rest of the amount as and when the various levels of construction and development happen. This gives you precious time to plan and avail a housing or house building loan at competitive rates.