Ways to purchase luxury flats in Bangalore

Bangalore is slowly becoming the rich man’s destination for living the high life comprising of not just all the basic amenities but also the very uber luxury ones like golf course within the housing complexes, swimming pools which have heated water for swimming at any point of time of the day and indoor sports complexes. The idea that the builders are trying to propagate is that one will not need to step out of their residential complex to access all facilities for which one would have to go a long distance earlier in the recent past. But all of this comes at a very premium price indeed, which most investors who want such apartments re willing to pay. There are lots and variety of options available for those looking for a unique 3BHK flat for sale in Bangalore.

Many builders are offering discounts on the account of early booking of such premium flats. They usually fall into a few of the following categories – ultra luxury, semi luxury, luxury and villas, the last of which are the highest of all categories.


There are a few steps that one must keep in mind before buying the uber luxury home in Bangalore. One of the most important tones is that you must always keep in mind that a few builders specialise in luxury apartments and a few builders do not. There are a few names which are famous all across the country on amount of their reliability and a few which are famous in the specific city they are in because they have made the customers in that city happy – to give you a few examples the names of Lodha group of companies, Indiabulls, Raheja constructions and Rustomjee are known for building luxury homes all over the country. Similarly, some names are known in cities like in Bangalore, there is the famous Brigade group of builders, in Kolkata there is the Merlin group of builders and so on. Thus, choosing the right builder is the first step.

Then, one must look at financing options and choose the repayments option that suits one’s budgets and rate of earning the best, say property experts at property.sulekha.com.

Then, one must choose the area carefully – luxury apartments need to be a little quiet and elite and hence should be located away from the din of the city.

Then, one must always check the quality of constructions and make sure the amenities being offered are also not neglected while they are being built in the colony.