A Guide To Rent Your First Apartment in Bangalore

One of the first things you have to do when you head out on your own is find an apartment for rent. In a city like Bangalore, every locality has number of houses in every price range to the renter’s relief. With increase in the number of IT/ITes companies, the city has become home for thousands who come there for employment.

Finding an apartment in the city by itself can be a rough experience. Moreover, if you are new to the city, you might feel clueless about the house hunting process. So, here are the steps a first time renter should follow:

flats for rent in bangalore

  • How much can you afford

Experts recommend individuals to spend only around 25-30% of their after-tax income on rent. Does this seem plausible to you? You have to keep in the mind the potential extras that will come by after you move in and then evaluate where you stand.

  • Create criteria for your apartment

Obviously, you would have envisioned your house to be a particular way. So depending on that make a list of facilities you would want in the house. But when you do so, be realistic. Your budget must correspond with this list. Start with the necessities and then move on to what you would want or like to have.

  • Select a locality

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and Bangalore Metro are the public transport facilities available in the city. Make sure you select an area from which you can easily commute to your workplace or college. Since you are new to Bangalore, you probably want to select a friendly locality. Go and visit some of the shortlisted areas. This will majorly help you narrow down and decide on one.

  • Look for property

Now that you have fixed a budget and selected a locality, you will feel less clueless. You are just three steps away from a peaceful night’s sleep in your first apartment. The internet has made things so much easier for us and details about various properties in your price range and desired locality will be placed in front of you. All you have to do is look up reputed property listing websites such as property.sulekha.com, magicbricks, 99acres. Look for affordable flats for rent in Bangalore.

  • Go visit the potentials

Visit every property that interests you. Go during the day because the natural lighting will clearly point out all the defaults. Take pictures of the house. This might seem insignificant but it will come in very handy when you want to decide on the one.

  • Talk to the landlord and get paperwork done

At this point you have a clear about the house you are going to rent. Talk to the landlord and clear all your doubts. Make sure all the maintenance clauses, minimum period of tenancy, start and end date of tenancy, rental amount and its payment frequency are included in the lease agreement. Don’t take any oral promises, get everything in writing.

To Buy Or Not To Buy an Apartment in Bangalore

Should you buy an apartment in Bangalore or should you rent one?

The age old question when it comes to choosing property is whether to rent property or to buy it. The answer is certainly not universal as it varies from situation to situation. In cities like Bangalore, there are plenty of options for both renting and buying. Renting an apartment in Bangalore is a great idea for students and young professionals since the rates in the localities they frequent are not too high.

Bangalore is a renter’s heaven as it has numerous properties for rent at affordable prices. The city is known for its high-rise apartments with numerous low-priced flats. These flats are easy on the pockets and they make life a lot easier as they come with a lot of facilities.

apartments for rent in bangalore

However, if you are looking to settle down in the city, then buying a flat is a good idea especially since there are plenty of good localities in Bangalore with affordable apartments. These apartments come with a range of facilities which will provide you a lifetime of convenience. The facilities include round-the-clock security, gyms, shops and some apartments even have crèches! There is no shortage of luxury in most new apartments in the city as they come with swimming pools and manicured lawns.

Living in Bangalore is a great idea, whether you want to rent or buy a property. As mentioned earlier, the toss-up between buying and renting property can only be settled after weighing your options. Property websites have a ‘Rent vs. Buy Calculator’ which help you determine whether you are better suited for renting a property or buying one. Once you calculate your perfect option, search for your ideal property on the site to begin a beautiful life in beautiful garden city of Bangalore.