Tips to buy property in Bangalore in 3 easy steps

Follow 3 easy steps to own a suitable property in Bangalore

If you have no previous experience in dealing with real estate property, the process may seem complicated. It is true that in some aspect it is a daunting task, but buying a property follows some rules which make the process rather systematized. You have to be a bit assiduous and knowledgeable to grasp the best deal. You may have to spend months to find the flat or apartment that you or your family members were longing. Sometimes, you may feel tired and desperate to acquire anything that comes next. But all these are part and parcel of buying a property.


Characteristics that will make you successful

New projects and ready to occupy apartments in several sites in Bannerghatta road or elsewhere may seem appropriate for your lifestyle, yet don’t take any decision in haste. It is a major financial decision that has a huge impact on you as also your family. So, be insightful in decision making and consult your family members and colleagues before taking the final decision. You should know certain things before dealing with developers and middlemen in this sector:

  • Always ask the question directly and crosscheck the answer whenever necessary. Don’t keep any doubt while buying a real estate property, it may be disastrous in future.
  • Deal smartly. It is necessary to state your price to the property owner particularly if it is a resale property. In the case of big housing projects too, never get satisfied with what the developer has been offering. Crosscheck what other buyers are getting or how they are dealing with the same condition.

3 easy steps to buy property in Bangalore

Here are the 3 steps to ease your property dealing process:

Step 1: Make the house hunting process easy by narrowing down your choice. It is easy, sit with your family and decide what kind of apartment and environment you all are looking for. Several new projects in Bannerghatta Road and several other new locations are underway. Narrowing down your preference will help you to select a suitable one from these ongoing or existing projects in Bannerghatta Road and other places.

Step 2: Apply for a house loan without delaying much. It may take quite some time to sanction the loan after meeting all modalities. Different banks have different types of offers and conditions. So, do a bit research and then apply for the most suitable one. You may have to pay several visits in this process.

Step 3: Decide how will you find a house? You may contact an agent or contact the developers directly. You can also contact the existing owner directly. All channels have some advantages and disadvantages. An agent can give you lots of options and save much of your precious time. On the other hand, contacting directly the present house owner can save some amount if you can deal smartly. So, understand your capacity and then decide a suitable process. If you have sufficient time in hand, you can explore all the three process.

Are ready to occupy flats a good choice?

The choice between ready to move in flats or under-construction properties needs to be thought through. If you find a good property in a location of your choice, it is likely you bypass ready-to-move in property. But, considering the present situation of delays in property possession, it is not always wise to invest in an under-construction property.

There has been a steady rise in demand for ready to move flats in Kengeri and other areas of Bangalore like Whitefield. While both locations are a contrast; Kengeri is a suburb location of Bangalore with a laid-back environment of coconut trees surrounding the area and Whitefield, a very famous, upcoming yet developed area of the city. This rise in demand shows an interesting trend in the realty sector.


There are many reasons for home seekers to invest in a ready to occupy flats in Kengeri for example.

  1. Ready to occupy flats indicate a positive trend of reality investment in the said locality. It means that people are staying there and the occupancy is good. Property buying has reached to the next level if a realtor is offering ready to move in flats. The buyer also has an advantage of sourcing information through recommendations and word of mouth publicity.
  2. Another major reason is the convenience of moving into a fully constructed flat. It means the basic amenities are in place. It also means that the area and your neigbourhood is completely developed. There will be schools, hospitals, commuting options in the vicinity. In other words, you are paying extra-money (if at all) for instant comfort of shifting to a new home.
  3. When you are investing in a ready to occupy flat, it is obvious you are not making any compromise like staying in the best locality, having recreational facilities which you desire, or checking on security. So, thus the benefit of buying a home close to your office is your prime option too. The sooner you shift close to the office, the luckier you are.
  4. Ready to move in flats are mostly ready for possession too. It means you don’t have to wait for long to switch to your desired location. It is hassle-free in comparison to investment in under-construction project. Even the reputation of the builder cannot get a possession in time, if it is not meant to happen.
  5. When you are investing in a ready-to-move property, you know the house structure exactly. In other words, it is evident to you what you are buying. You can buy an appropriate size flat depending upon your personal requirement. It saves you a lot of time in searching for a property.

While all this means a positive feedback for ready to occupy flats, one important thing is to do a ground check on the facts. It is advisable to seek recommendations, and also, check on the construction quality of your home. You should not get anything less than what you asked for, especially when huge money is involved.

Tips to buy property in Marthahalli

Marathahalli in the south east of Bangalore is a sought after property location. Many projects in Marathahalli in this suburb location have been launched in the past few years. The various sites in Marathahalli are close to the outer ring road, Whitefield, and more prominently, the Electronic City.

There are existing and new projects in Marathahalli which is pulling the buyer to invest here. So, how do you know which are the best sites in Marathahalli?

We share few tips to buy property in Marthahalli:

  1. There are ready to move in flats of all sizes available in this suburb location. It is recommended to buy a flat of your choice by comparing online prices as the first step. Depending upon the built-up area, you can buy a suitable apartment for yourself.
  2. There are reputed builders offering a flat in the area. It is advisable to do a background check of the property you choose to buy. Again, you can use the internet or seek professional service of a real estate agent.
  3. There are many new projects in Marathahalli which may be under-construction too. It is important to seek clarification from the developer and know the exact time of possession.
  4. Before you invest in one of the sites in Marathahalli, it is good to study the locality trends. There is lot of infrastructure growth happening in the area. The prices are likely to appreciate, and this also means, you need to invest in time so that you don’t end up paying more for the same piece of land.
  5. Since there is a wide variety of residential investment options available, make sure you get maximum returns from your investment. While buying the property, you should keep a tap on the recreational and day-to-day facilities inside the gated society. It should ideally include a children play area, swimming pool, gymnasium, and other outdoor facilities. In addition, there should be a smooth operational lift, security, 24×7 power and water supply.
  6. Suburb locations are likely to offer very spacious flats. So it is good to observe the common areas and other living luxuries offering in the neighborhood too.
  7. Keep a check on the construction quality, which you can do by following certain steps. Check the quality of walls construction, bathroom and kitchen fittings, windows and doors fittings too.
  8. Also, check the occupancy factor when you decide to invest in a residential property. Higher the occupancy better is security and maintenance. It also helps the trust factor that you are investing in the right project.
  9. Word of mouth recommendation is your best shot. If you know somebody living in a society in the area, it is good to do a reference check, talking about the general locality areas and do a first-hand mapping of living in a society.
  10. Also, keep in the mind the commuting time to your office. Marathahalli has the benefit of being in proximity to outer ring road and IT Park. Still, it is good to do a connetivity check, by seeing the public transport in the area.

Decoding the stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore

Buying a property is not an easy task given the charges the buyer has to bear other than the cost of the flat. When you buy a home, it is not just the cost of the property you have to pay. There are additional charges like stamp duty, registration charges, VAT, etc. that the buyer of the home has to pay. These charges vary from state to state and are very important if you need to buy a home in your name. Many people are unaware of these charges and they fail to add this to their budget while buying a home. As per the recent rules, you should pay 5% of the total value of your registered property as stamp duty and 1% of the registered property as the registration charges in Bangalore.


The stamp duty is levied by the state government on the guideline value of the property and the registration charges are levied for the registration of the documents. These charges are compulsory and vary from state to state. Let’s decode the stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore that will be useful when you consider buying a property.

Stamp Duty is a way of documentation of the property on a stamp paper when buying and selling a property. When it is done on the stamp paper, it is considered that the documentation is legal. Stamp Duty is paid when buying the stamp paper and it is a tax collected by the government. The document with the stamp duty paid is considered to be the evidence of the sale of the property. The Stamp Duty is fixed by the respective state governments and differs from state to state.

Stamp Duty is calculated on the basis of the market value of the property. It is 5% of the total value of the registered property and the buyer has to bear it. Stamp papers of the value equivalent to the value of the stamp duty have to be purchased in the name of the people involved in buying and selling of the property.

The charge levied on the registration of the property is called the registration charges. The charge is actually the processing fee charged by the registering authority and implies that the property is registered in the name of the buyer and has all the legal rights. Registration charge is 1% of the total value of the property registered.

Horamavu is an area in Bangalore that is just 3km from K.R. Puram railway station. It is a very fast developing neighborhood in Bangalore and there are various new projects in Horamavu that are coming up by the established builders. For registering the project in Horamavu, you should be aware of the various charges like Stamp duty, registration charges, Vat, etc. and consider them into the budget of the flat.

While buying a property, stamp duty, registration charges, and various other charges play an important role in the total cost of the flat. Hence, always consider these charges when buying a property to avoid exceeding your budget.

How to get the best deals for property in Malleswaram

Malleswaram is a beautiful clean and green city on the outskirts of Bengaluru. It is dotted by numerous temples and is home to many famous personalities. Boasting of a lifestyle of varied types of people, belonging to both upper elite class people and middle class residents, property in Malleswaram never go out of demand. The demand is the most for apartments in Malleswaramhowever, some people also want to get a residence. Either way, you need to check out these tips to get the best property deals in Malleswaram.

Criteria to keep in mind while looking for property in Malleswaram

1) Make up your mind so as to how big your family is to be sure of the number or bedrooms and bathrooms that you are going to need. This will help you to narrow down your search for an apartment or residence. Unless you do this, you might find yourself overwhelmed with a number of decisions and end up with a wrong choice. Since real estate dealing is quite troublesome, a wrong decision can keep you in regret for a long time.

2) Keep in mind the various pros and cons of residences and flats in Malleswaram to be sure that you take the right kind of property. Preferably, people who do not like to socialise a lot and want their privacy to a great extent should never opt for apartments. On the other hand, people who want to stay with others in a flat to share problems, socialise, etc should opt for flats.

3) Check the distance of the property from the main roads of the city, main destinations, schools, malls, hotels, etc. It is going to help you a lot of your residence is close to the places that you would probably be frequently visiting. The rates of any property are determined by its location.

4) Make sure that the property plan has been approved by the Government of Karnataka lest you should fall into legal hassles. If you do not understand how to read such papers, a legal advisor may prove to be a great help.

5)  Check the amenities that will be provided by the builder in your property. Amenities like lift, power backup and car parking is a must. Other special amenities indeed can make your living better in various ways.

6) Check the builder’s reputation to know that you are buying your property from the right person. You do not want to discover later that it was a fraud and your hard earned money had gone to waste.

7) Search for property online so that you can save the hassle of travel and compare the prices of various apartments with a click. By comparing prices you can check out the most profitable deals.

There are several other tips that you might want to keep in mind while  getting a property like whether it complies with Feng Shui, the age of the building it house, etc. By keeping all these tips in mind, you can get the best property deals in Malleswaram.

Bangalore- a sprawling city to invest in real estate

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, provides a very attractive investment option. This place is showing a constant growth in the IT/ ITes market in recent past. Moreover a positive career growth in this city is increasing the migrant population. The buyers interested in residential property have an investment in properties approximately within Rs 50 lakhs. Most of them are interested due to the sprawling career option with reasonable property prices. The option of rent out property is also an opportunity of return investment. Statistics shows that the unsold inventory of Bangalore is very less compared to other metropolitans in India.

A right place to retire at old agewoes

Are you thinking about Bangalore to retire? Then it must be said that Bangalore has been pointed as the pensioner’s paradise. With the opportunity of the cosmopolitan cities, it also extends the city’s green cover to high extent. Cultural centres in the lap of nature have made it the paradise for anyone to spend a quality life. Better maintenance of such amenities has been encouraged for a growing demand. Luxurious projects are thus the main attractions of the real estate developers. Most of the residential ongoing projects in Bangalore which are 80 % complete are already sold. The unsold inventory covers the projects completed less than 40%.

Ongoing projects at Bangalore are showing positive response

Being a hot spot for the property investors, Bangalore is turning up with many positive points. The connectivity and accessibility of the places is the main reason behind the hike. Bangalore has been divided into zones which are popular for different sectors. The northern part of the city is a hotspot for the central business growth. The commercial spaces in these areas are highly absorbing. So the residential blocks here are the luxurious ones rating near to Rs. 1 crore or above. Flourishing IT/ITes industries are getting the waves up in these sides.

For meeting the demand of the real estate for variety of purposes, Bangalore has been viewing many upcoming projects. The areas that are now the booming ones are Vartur, Jakkur, Sarjapur and Atibele. For the luxury apartments places like the Thanisandra, Hennur Road, Hedge nagar are the popular spots. East of Bangalore is the growing IT hub with more demand for commercial spaces. Residential surrounding this are offering immediate return. Start-ups are also being attracted to such places for appositive growth backs. If anyone is thinking of setting up at Bangalore, then it is the right place.

Right search through right channel

Many real estate companies are going through many residential projects. Many investors are showing great interest in this city. Not only investors, many individuals are planning to migrate to this city for a better prospecting life. Many are crowding for the educational qualifications and professional demand. Search for the ongoing projects in any real estate property investor’s websites. But one must keep in mind the requirement of the individual before investing in any such project. This would help in a better future prospect and positive development. Thus get the right project for right investment.

How to deal with builders for property related issues

Owning a home is a milestone in everyone’s life. But many innocent buyers fall into the traps that plague the real estate business world. Dealing in real estate is a smart game as one need to keep his eyes and ears open to escape from these two-faced dealers.  One needs to be diligent to get a good deal and to buy affordable flats in Bangalore or in any other Indian cities. All legal papers in connection with the property must be verified before one signs an agreement with the builder.


CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers) Bangalore, which is a charter of CREDAI India is a governing body of builders and is working towards forming a group of quality builders who sell properties and low budget flats in Bangalore to the buyers. CREDAI consists of builders who aim to provide transparency and promote real estate industry in the right way. All CREDAI members need to follow some code of conduct as if they should maintain uniform clauses for agreements on construction of the property, the timeliness in the completion of the project, the approvals, area utilization etc.

Even when all these rules and norms are present, many fall into the false traps and become prey to the frauds. It usually happens when people go around looking for cheap flats in Bangalore, and get cheated by builders who doesn’t care about quality aspects. Here are some important points to keep in mind while you deal with a builder or when your under construction property is in dispute.

  1. Approach the builder directly, as most of the builders are customer oriented. They focus on the customer’s interest always. As the builders are obliged to provide the details on the issues of the property to all customers, they have no other way than to address your concern.
  2. If the builder is not directly solving the problem, then one can approach CREDAI, if the builder is a member. A complaint can be filed in the CREDAI through the customer Redressal forum. When the forum takes up the complaint, then they will enquire with the builder and ask them to take necessary steps to resolve the issue. The builder is supposed to get back within the stipulated time mentioned. If the builder is not responding and if the matter is genuine, then CREDAI takes action like, the committee can call up a meeting with both parties.
  3. If the customer is Bangalore based and wanted to solve their property related issue, then he/she can approach other organizations like National Realtors Association (NRA) which have a branch in Bangalore called the Bangalore Nations Realtors Association India.
  4. If the builder is a non-CREDAI member, then the consumer court is the best to be approached for to protect the consumer right. They will help consumers to deal with unfair practices happening in the consumer world. The committee investigates the cases and a board decides the verdict depending on the circumstances.
  5. Legal actions are the last resort, which a consumer do to battle against the builder. But if you are filing a civil case it may take a long time to get settled.